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Client Reviews

I found out about Mrs. Brooks through social media. She has been nothing short of kind and professional. I was looking for academic advice on what path I should take next in my career. She connected me to someone who was in a very similar situation that I find myself in. Even though I have a low undergraduate GPA, she helped me revise my personal statement for my graduate school application. She helped me go over it several times and I am so happy to say that I got accepted into my program of choice! I would recommend her to ANYONE who is in need of academic advisement, help with personal statements, and even scholarship essays. She is very professional, she is very knowledgeable, and her fees are more than reasonable. Above all, she is passionate about what she does. - Karina M 

I had the honor of participating in a JMB Mentor Moment with Mrs. Brooks, alongside one of her high school students who was torn between two colleges she'd been accepted to, Clark Atlanta and Howard University- the latter being my alma mater. Mrs. Brooks also had a Clark alumna on the call so both of us could share our insight and individual HBCU experiences. The amount of time, care, knowledge, and resources that Mrs. Brooks pours into her students is so inspiring and heartwarming to witness. I am blessed to have been a part of Mentor Moments with JMB Advising and look forward to participating in more! - Kori W, According to Kori

I was stressing out to find scholarships when I came across JMB Advising on Instagram. I DMed her and she helped to find scholarships in my area since I live all the way in NY. She also set me up with a JMB Mentor Moment. During the the call, I was able to connect with two other nursing professionals that helped me answer questions about my future career. I am still in touch with them for any questions that I have. I am so thankful that I found JMB Advising as it helped me find a bunch of scholarships so I am one step closer to being debt free! -Briana H 

I reached out to build an updated resume. What I got was beyond anything I ever expected. Every step was communicated and I trusted the process. It was tough being almost 30, with a degree and changing careers. But I was connected to someone in the field I desired to go into through the JMB Mentor Moments and came out with two formats for my resume. Better with Brooks should be the slogan. - Lexxus B 

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