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Client Reviews

I had discovered a scholarship, and was recommend to Mrs. Brooks' services by my sister. Mrs. Brooks helped my sister get into a very competitive Masters' program, so I felt that her experience would help me as well. I presented her the scholarship, and the short essays I wrote for each question. She reviewed my drafts and was able to express my sentiments exactly how I wanted them to reflect in my essays. I am more than pleased with her service and especially with her patience. I will absolutely work with Mrs. Brooks again. She is a true professional. -Kellee M.  

Wow! I wish we could leave a 10 star rating for JMB Advising and all that she has to offer. It is one thing to voice all that you offer as a business, however it's extremely beneficial to all parties involved when you can SEE those same words in action. If you haven't experienced JMB services, you're seriously missing out. Jasmine has taken one of our mentees from our Mentoring Program and has completely taken her under her wing, all while providing exactly what she needs to be successful as a first year college student. She has benefited so much from her guidance, mentor moments, and allowing her to become independent while completing tasks that she assigns to her. She offers very affordable services and packages. She is well worth it. 

Not only is Jasmine knowledgeable about everything she offers, shes extremely passionate about what she does and the clients that she gets to work with. We love the experience thus far and we cant wait to send more babies her way. If you haven't, check her out! I guarantee you will no be dissapointed! -Shaquetta B, G.I.R.L. Power Mentoring Program, Inc

Jasmine did a phenomenal job of getting scholarships information for a program I was looking into. I appreciate her persistence and am grateful for the amount of effort she put into helping me. I recommend her if you need support with educational advising or finding scholarships. I will definitely be using her in the future. Thank you for being so helpful! -McKenzie M. 

JMB Advising provides quality programming and educational services for both families and students. She has the unique ability to calm parental fears and emboldened students with the confidence they need in making the transition into post-secondary education. She is well versed in every topic and is prepared to give information that students and their parents can use in helping them make great decisions about college and trade programs alike. I've worked with JMB since 2016 and have NEVER been dissapointed with the work or professionalism from this company. You're making a great decision when you chose to work with JMB. - Jenell M, DPSCD Parent Academy

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